Battery for GoPiGo


I am doing a project with GoPiGo and I want to use 8 AA Rechargeable Ni-Cad Batteries (1.2V) instead of the 8 AA Non - Rechargeable battery. My concern is the voltage will be 1.2V*8 = 9.6V when the batteries are full charged, but it will soon drop down to below 9V.

So anyone here use the Ni-Cad Rechargeable battery for GoPiGo? Is this fine? How long it can last? Do I need to use some circuit to step-up the voltage?

Thanks a lot.

Hi duclong002,
I think those batteries would be fine. I think the discharge curve for the batteries would keep them between 8-9V when the batteries have charge, which is good enough for them to run. The motors might be a bit slower than usual but other than that there shouldn’t be any problem. We haven;t seen a lot of AA batteries at 1.2V. Can you share the link to the battery that you are using so that I can check if it looks good enough.


Hi Karan,
Thanks a lot for your answer. The battery I am considering is the Eneloop rechargeable battery:

Here is a test of this battery:

It’s 1.2V only and I think it is common for almost every rechargeable AA battery (I guest the chemical they use Ni-Cad can only supply 1.2V). But like what you have said, 8V is still OK for the GoPiGo? If that, then I have nothing to worry about.

Hey Duclong, you might have some trouble with 8V. The voltage converter will start to falter around 6.5V so if you have any significant draw on the motors or you wear the battery down a bit, your Pi will restart. You might want to use a higher voltage like 10 or 11V.