Bet you've never seen THIS happen to a GoPiGo3!

I needed to replace one of Charlie’s head servos today, (and I was damned lucky that I had an exact replacement!)

Everything’s back together and I’m plugging the servo connector back in when. . .


The connector breaks off of the PCB!  (There’s a tiny drop of glue between the “+” and “sig” lands, down near the teeny-tiny hole, that holds it in place that failed.)

Thank the Good Lord that the solder connections fractured instead of ripping the lands off the board.  THIS  is something I can fix.

There we are, all happy again.

Poor Charlie, he has had a tough life!
:astonished:  :man_facepalming:


Huh. Looks like your pins were surface mounted. I just looked - mine are definitely through-hole. But I’m not using the servo pins, so it doesn’t really matter, at least for now.

Glad you were able to fix Charlie.

PS (and completely off topic)- the notion of “getting Charlie fixed” triggered a memory of a bumper sticker I saw ~30 years ago. Instead of “I :heart: my dog”, this bumper sticker said “I :spades: my dog”. It made me laugh out loud


I’ve seen that too.

One of my favorites was one I brought to Russia that said “Beware of the idiot behind me!”

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