Beta Testers Wanted! Raspbian for Robots


Could we update this more easily with this file:

If we just:
1). Uncommented this line:
2). Called the script.

Do you think that would work Darrell? We could make the fix pretty easily and quickly!


Hi Darrell, I made this change in the update. if you run the latest update, it should disable the wifi sleep for the RTL chip. Let me know what you think!


Update: I’ve just updated the image in the repository. The latest is now 2016.03.28 and can be downloaded from the Sourceforge Repository:


Me to has the same problem.
I can’t make the wifi work
I have the ever popular cheap Ralink.
The thing is: It’s working without tweaking in Jessie but not in the Dex Image
By the way. I don’t have any encryption and therefore no passkey.

Regards Sebastian


Hi Zebulon, are you getting an error message? What happens when you run lsusb? Or ifconfig?

I think I have one of these, I’ll take a look at it.


Also Zebulon, were you able to download the entire zip file without any problems? Did you get the Pi to bootup?


Quick Update: I’ve just uploaded the latest March 28th’s version. This is now on Google Drive and Sourceforge. This should work, out of the box, with the Raspberry Pi 3. We had to make some updates to work with the new wifi onboard, and the USB wifi.


We are going to close this thread. We’ve just upgraded to Jessie! Check it out here.