Beta Testers

Hi from Brisbane, Australia
I am very interested in what you are doing and what you have already done. This is my first attempt at ‘joining’ a Project on GitHub and I am not quite sure how to go about that? Loading down your wheezy image now.
Background : I am an old (very old !!) computer systems (since 1963 IBM 360 and Apple 1979) and programming person (1968 Cobol, 1992 Clipper and Dbase, 2006 WAMP) and ran my own website for a number of years attempting to sell and support a LARGE software system (to no avail).
Currently : Working with MF17 (a pre-built, kinda expensive, humanoid robot RF controlled running RoboBasic from MiniRobot in Korea), two Raspberry Pi (B+ and 2), a GrovePi board (filter??), with Python and LAMP interfacing to my LapTop (Toshiba P750) and DeskTop both running W7 (DEINSTALLED W10), WAMP, Python. EVERYTHING is on WLAN via landline DSL to the web.
Intention : As at today the intention is (was??) to a) Build an RPi into the MF17 b) replace the IR interface by adding the RPi to the MF17 (much as the $2900 MF-CTS currently has) and sending (most of) the IR remote commands via a browser screen to the MF17 and then c) develop increasing AI potential (slowly, slowly!!) on (or via wireless) on the MF17.
Having just read your ‘Beta Testers Wanted’ I am most curious to know whether I can work together with you and contribute to your project or whether I am already too far off your long term objectives?? It seems to me that you have done a lot of work towards the browser interface which I am on the edge of developing so for starters I will load this down to see what it does. Please let me have your comments.

ian ( Ian Mitchell - )

Hi Ian, thanks for the note!

A humanoid sounds really interesting, it’s something we’ve talked about a lot but haven’t found the right way to do yet.

You can alwasy contribute example projects to our codebase on Github. It’s specifically designed to accomodate new pushes from enthusiastic folks like yourself. The post we had up about Raspbian for Robots is just a new version of our beginners-oriented sd card image. It sounds like you might be way past that!