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Hi, So we can connect out GopiGo3 to a laptop, but when we use an android tablet it doesn’t work.

I can connect to the GoPiGo wifi on the tablet and the light in the gopigo turns blue, but every time I enter or http://bloxter. com it (using Chrome as recommended) it redirects to dexterindustries. com (which of course won’t load as we aren’t connected to the internet, just the gopigo).

What gives?

NB: I had to put the spaces into the links for this post (something about new users and links) but I didn’t do that we attempting to connect to the gopigo.

ok, so of course as soon as I posted this (and after 20 failed attempts) it worked. No idea what was wrong or what was happening prior.

That said bloxter is unusable on a tablet, so we’ve switched back to the laptop.

Hello @trent.hewton,

This is a weird behaviour you’ve seen, and I’m not sure myself what was happening. is its own website, so I don’t understand why it would end up at
However, starting with DexterOS 1.2, the new url is and that one would take you to if you’re not connected to the robot.

Maybe some other device connected to the robot (and changed the led to blue) ? I’ve seen some cell phones do that on their own. Or maybe your desktop/laptop has an ethernet connection to the Internet?


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Hi @trent.hewton,

In addition to what @cleoqc already said, maybe you can show us a video clip on how you get redirected to

That’s totally weird and it shouldn’t happen, unless the tablet/laptop/whatever you’re working on also has internet access through another source (Ethernet for instance).

Thank you!

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Thanks for the replies guys.

It certainly is weird, the only explanation I can think of is that perhaps it was connecting to the laptop whilst we were trying to connect to the tablet. I cannot reproduce the error, even if I connect the gopigo to the laptop and then go to on the tablet it is now just showing me the NO ROBOT CONNECTED screen. Weird. I guess you can disregard this seems its not reproducible.

I am now able to connect to either the laptop or the tablet as expected. Working perfectly.

Like I said earlier, bloxter is a bit too tricky to use on the tablet anyway so we will stick to the laptop for now. My son and I are enjoying playing with the gopigo so far.

Hi @trent.hewton,

Hmm … maybe it didn’t get connected to the GoPiGo at all even though it was saying it got connected to it.

Anyway, we’re happy to hear the GoPiGo is a joy to play with :slight_smile: . Maybe you can share with us a couple of pics of what you do. That should be fun :smiley: .

Thank you!

That’s all I can think of myself. It is just a cheap android tablet that was given to us by a friend (they couldn’t work it as it wasn’t iOS!)

Just going through the lessons at the moment with my 7 year old so nothing to exiting to post up yet.


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