Bloxter roadmap?

I have worked with Scratch2 to program RPi3-based robots before. Just started to look at the GPG3. I like the simplicity of DexterOS and the neat integration of GPG3 capabilities into Bloxter a lot. However, there are a few features I miss badly. I was wondering if there is a tentative Bloxter roadmap you can share. I understand Bloxter is closed source.

Features I am looking for in Bloxter:

  • parallel execution
  • event driven programming / interaction with the keyboard
  • localization (looking for German)

Hi @marko.kimpel,

We’re on the track to bring lots of new features in the very near future.

As for the feature’s you’re looking for, I think parallel execution and event driven programming can be said to be included in future releases, whereas the language support will be added later on. That’s all along many other things, of course.

Should you have any other questions, please let us know.

Thank you!

Hello @marko.kimpel

I’m glad you like Bloxter so far.
We do have all three of your requests planned for the future.
Internationalisation is coming soon but we currently don’t have German on the list. Once internationalization is done, then it’s a question of getting a translator for each language. If we know there’s a request for German, we’ll do it.

Parallel execution is coming after that, with keyboard interaction probably last, but both are planned.


@marko.kimpel . . . would you like to translate German for us? :slight_smile: