Bluetooth GPS pairing

I connect HI-406BT GPS with RPi using DexterInd. desktop.
Pairing is succesful but " no usable services on the device "


May I ask what your trying to do with Bluetooth?

I have an old GPS device. I try to use it as a tracker with Raspberry Pi,
using de DexterInd desktop.
Pairing is done, but I get the message that the GPS device has no services.

There may be no drivers for it, that’s my guess. Though you could if hacking is your thing reverse engineer it and create your own drivers. What GPS exactly is it?

I connect HI-406BT. IT functions with Rasbian and with via apt-get
installed bluez .

Op za 21 jan. 2017 om 16:04 schreef graykevinb <>

My suggestion is to ask on the official raspberry pi forums. It isn’t that you can’t ask RPI questions here; it’s just there’s probably more RPI experts on the RPI forums. They can be found here: