Board not running both motors

I’m also having an issue where both motors are not being turned on by the board. I ran the test and it turns one wheel only. Then when it attempts to stop the motors it turns that same wheel to on at 100% (forever) and eventually crashes the bot. I’ve switched the motor wires with each other and confirmed that it is not a bad motor, but the board not sending the correct signals.

I was a kickstarter with the monthly shipment deal. The sdcard I’m using is the one you sent me in month one. Today I updated to 1.3 to see if that would fix the issue. It did not. I’m at a loss.

Attached is the log from the test.

Hi krabbit,
Looks like you are running an older version of the firmware. The GoPiGo2 uses firmware version 1.6. You can follow the guide here: and just select GoPiGo instead of the GrovePi and that will update the firmware on the GoPiGo. If you are comfortable using the terminal, you can go the the Firmware folder in GoPiGo Make the update script executable: sudo chmod + and run it: sudo ./

After this just go to the python folder and run the and check the firmware version and the voltage of the GoPiGo as well as other basic functionalities.


I’ve updated the firmware. This actually got both wheels to turn. But it still crashes the bot (ssh tunnel crashes/times out and I can no longer ping it).

Cmd: v
12.49 V

Cmd: w
The w command never returns. It hangs and I eventually get a time out.
`packet_write_wait: Connection to Broken pipe

I’m sorry. I’m unable to get an updated log file. VNC crashes when I attempt to run the test that outputs the log.

How are you powering the whole GoPiGo. Are you using fresh batteries. Looks like the wifi might be turning off the moment the motor starts because the motors take a lot of current when they start. Can you check the voltage of the batteries and make sure that they are good one.

Can you also attach a picture of your GoPiGo.


And does the Pi crash when you remove the Raspberry Pi from the GoPiGo? If you remove it from the GoPiGo, do you see the same behavior>

I just switched the batteries out last night. They were at 9.95v (before the switch) and are now at 12.15 V.

I’ve attached a side profile pic of the bot that shows the connection between the boards and the battery pack used.

Even with the GoPiGo connected, the pi seems stable until I attempt to run the motors. I’ve been logged in for 5+ minutes this morning w/o issues.

This morning I testing just messing around the pi w/o running any motors for a little bit (~5min) and then ran the basic test all python script. I printed the voltage (for karan’s response) and then cmd w. The right wheel slowly chugged (the left didn’t turn at all) and then my ssh session died. Something odd happened this time, the wheel stopped chugging and the bot was responsive to ping and ssh. I shelled back in, ranw and this time the right wheel chugged on forever, dropping my session/ping responses until I switched the bot off. I’m uploading a video of this on youtube, but it is taking a bit from my phone. I’ll try to add the link while I’m at work, but will be unable to test anymore until later this evening. Thanks for helping with this.

Here’s a quick video I took this morning.
Testing the gopigo

Can you give f command in and tell us which firmware is there on the GoPiGo. Also, when and where did you buy the GoPiGo from.


I updated the firmware to 1.6 after your suggestion on the 22nd.

I bought the GoPiGo from kickstarter as part of the 12 month plan to send out new tasks each month.

Hey Krabbit, sorry to hear about this. Karan and I picked this one over, thanks for sending the picutres and the video. I think our next step should be to try to replace the board. I’d also like to get this one back to test it out and see what’s going on; it might help us make a better manufacturing plan.

Can you contact us here: and copy the forum thread into your request, and we’ll send you a replacement.