Boat steering project

Hey Folks!

i am about to start a new project which is able to steer my boat ^^
but right now i need to be able to see the status of my joystick which has no builder :stuck_out_tongue: but it got 3 wires and i found out that it manages the input voltage and reduces it to its output so lets say there flows 5V in and the joysticks and stands in the Quarter PortSide position then the output should be around 2,5V or something like that. but since Raspi it self isnt really able to monitor that would i like to ask if the Grovepi is able to.
if it does then im about to order one instantly!

Best Greetings from Hurde

This is the joystick ^^

Hey Hurde,
The GrovePi has 4 ADC channels and is able to read voltage between 0-5V and give it to the Pi via easy to use python, C, nodejs or any other scripts. There is a nice joystick available from Seeed which gives reading on 2 axis and when the joystick is pressed. You can have a look at the example for it here: If you are going for your own sensor, just make sure that it works b/w 0-5V and use a cable like this: to connect your sensor.

Feel free to ask any more questions about the GrovePi.