Boot with laptop

I am new to this… I can’t boot on my laptop. I am using a wifi dongle but it don’t connect. It don’t boot when I power it. I have NOOB SD Card. I look everywhere on the website and google… still not resolve. Please explain easier. Sorry for my english.

Sorry to hear about your troubles; we’re not sure what you mean by “boot your laptop.” Are you using a GoPiGo? Is this the first time you’ve used your Pi and the NOOBS installation? What have you done with the Pi so far?

Yes I use GoPiGo. This is the first time I use the Pi and NOOBS installation. So far I assemble the GoPiGo with the Rasberry Pi. Turned off motors. I don’t know how to connect laptop to Rasberry Pi and GoPiGo. How do I control and connect with wifi dongle on Rasberry Pi. I read and try all instructions but still don’t understand. Please help. Thank you

I have SD card, wifi dongle, and battery plugged in Raspberry PI and GoPiGo. I can’t connect keyboard/mouse/monitor to Raspberry Pi. I try HDMI but it doesn’t work. I download PUTTY and VLC but don’t know how to use. Please help. I don’t have usb for mouse and keyboard. I only have laptop

I use HDMI on tv and it works. I cannot control keyboard/mouse using laptop. Please help. How do I control or get the Rasberry Pi screen on my laptop instead of tv

I use HDMI on tv and it works.

This is good. It means the Pi is working and the SD card are working.

How do I control or get the Rasberry Pi screen on my laptop instead of tv

Your best bet to start with is to connect via your laptop using an ethernet cable. I would use an ethernet cable between your laptop and Pi to log in via VNC. There you should be able to setup your wifi device and connect over a wifi network.

A detailed description of this is here:

You would start with Option 2, and setup Option 3 once you have your Pi setup.

I try Option 2. I open Putty and place in the host name, just like in instruction. I click open and get this message “Unable to open connection to raspberrypi.local. Host does not exist” I try again but still don’t work. Am I missing a step? I already download the Bonjour and plugged in the ethernet cable from my laptop to raspberry pi

Everything is connected now. Thank you for all your help.

One problem, I try to update software via VNC just like in getting started instructions

but when I click the DI Software Update, it fails because “no route to host”

please help

jwc92, that’s great news. Can you tell us what you were missing so we can help others in the future?

To get an update, you’ll need to have a direct internet connection to your Pi. You should attach a wifi dongle to the Pi and log it directly into your wifi network. That should give you a direct internet connection and you can update the software.