Booting Won't contuine with raspberry Pi 4

I have been trying to get my gopigo3 booted up fully. However the power led will just blink for ever and the WIFI won’t turn on. I have reimaged the sd changed the sd and reimaged again but still can’t get it to boot up fully. Can someone help me?

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Which O/S are you trying to boot?

Since it seems you’re trying to boot a GoPiGo-3 with a Pi-4, are you using the version of Raspbian for Robots derived from Debian Buster?  If you’re using any O/S based on anything earlier, it won’t work.

If you’re trying to boot DexterOS, you should use GoPiGo O/S instead.  It works on the Pi-4 and is a much better implementation of the Dexter learning environment.

You can download the new GoPiGo O/S here.

You can download Raspbian for Robots here.  Be careful to select the “experimental” version for the Pi-4 based on Buster.

Don’t worry about it being “experimental”.  It has been thoroughly tested by virtually everyone on these fora, and it’s rock-solid.

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I was using the dexterros image 2.5.1 I’ll try the other o/s and see if that works thank you.

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Hello @tro17001

DexterOS will not work if you have a Pi4. You need to go with GoPiGo OS, or Raspberry Pi OS.

The Pi4 has certain peculiarities that required changes to the OS and DexterOS predates it.


Thank you for the help. You’re right. I got it working with the new OS now I’m just trying to get it connected to the wifi and finish setting it up.

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