Breadboard Adapter for Lego Mindstorms - examples/tutorials?


Are there any examples/tutorials available about how to use Breadboard Adapter for Lego Mindstorms with (non-Grove) sensors (directly or via Arduino/RPi) ?


Hi @admwtpgj,

We have couple of projects available using LEGO Sensors, Breadboard and Arduino.
List of projects:

These projects explain the use of LEGO Mindstrorms Sensors with RPi and Arduino.
Please let us know if this helps,


Thanks for the links. Is there any software block available for the NXT brick ?


Hi @admwtpgj,

Sorry for the delay, yeah we have software support for LEGO NXT sensors here and EV3 Sensors here. Please let us know if you are looking for anything particular.



I am trying to work my way through the LEGO Mindstorms tutorial with my NXT. I have the slave sender and NXT Slave receiver code from the examples loaded and running, but I see nothing in the Arduino serial monitor. What else can I do to debug or test? How do I know if my connector is working?


Hey @maccast, are you running an NXT or an EV3? Can you post a screenshot of the program and possibly a picture of your wiring diagram?