Brickpi from Dexter Industries on Amazon not working

We bought a brickpi earlier this year from Dexter through Amazon but have not been able to get the motors working. When I replied on Amazon for possibly a new board, they suggested we use the forums first and ask there. Can you offer any assitance or send a replacement? Here’s the text from the Amazon message.

We were able to assemble the brickpi, installed and booted raspbian for
robots, but we can’t seem to control the motors or sensors. They work
fine from an NXT brain. I’m using 2016.03.20-Dexter_Industries_wheezy.img
on a 32G SD card. With the micro usb cable or the battery pack (8
AAs), we can power and boot the brickpi. Since booting we’ve connected
our wifi and updated/upgraded with apt-get. I’ve followed
troubleshooting at these sites below and enabled I2C and disabled the IR
receiver, rebooted, but still no luck. The only thing we can seem to do
is the python LED tests. Is it possible we have a bad board?

When running the we get the following…but doesn’t actually do anything.
Running Forward
Running Backward
Running Forward
Running Backward

Hi @justinlmayfield,

It looks like you are using an older version of our image. We have done a lot of updates to our image to make BrickPi work better. Can you burn the SD card with our new image and install it, following the instructions here.

After installing the image, use the Advanced communication option from the desktop in the GUI and click Enable BrickPi/UART option.

After enabling the UART try the after a reboot.

Please let us know if this works,