BrickPi + GrovePi

Does anynone in here uses the brickpi board + grovepi board along with its sensors to build any lego robot Is this even possible?


I found this post here:

It seems it does work, but we do not have a case for both of them.

Do you guys have any plans for it? It would be awesome to combine all the sensors of grove PI + brick pi all together.


Hey alexgregianin,
We don;t have plans to make a case that fits both the BrickPi and the GrovePi. Not a lot of people use both of them together and we haven;t heard a request either. It is actually pretty easy to make a laser cut case, though it takes a few iterations to make it work well. A lot of makerspaces have laser cutters and there are easy to use CAD software like tinkercad. Do let us know if you would be interested to make it. We’ll be more that happy to help you out.


I would be interested in this as well.

Feel free to chime in everyone!