BrickPi together with OctoPi


is it possible to use OctoPi image using BrickPi for motor control on a Lego printer?
If yes, how?

I am not very proficient in this area yet … so be kind :wink:


Hello Arie,
that’s a fantastic idea for a project! I’m fairly certain that you can install BrickPi onto the OctoPi image but I have never done it. I use Repetier-server for my printer.
The main challenge will be in changing the OctoPi code. If it’s anything like Repetier, it assumes a USB connection to a printer, and that’s not what you need. The OctoPi code will need some heavy changes …

But those are just guesses. I am not familiar with OctoPi at all. I do know that some people have a Mindstorms 3D printer working so there’s obviously a solution !

Best of luck with your great project!