BrickPI which OS do I need

We have a lot of BrickPis3 and I update their software every year. In the past we use Raspian for Robots. The last update for this OS was over a year ago. Do I use DexterOS which was updated more recently. Can I do my own update of Raspian Buster and add the libraries for the BrickPI after? What is the best option. We do not use Scratch, only python.

In addition to your question here, you may want to ask using the new support methods:

Perhaps you can - Matt suggested:

You would be venturing ahead of the “supported configurations” so it would be best to contact support - I have found them pretty quick to respond.

DexterOS is strictly for the GoPiGo and will not work with the BrickPi.
We are about to release Buster (really, we are!) which will support all other robots.