BrickPi3 box is poorly designed

Okay, so you may have seen that I’m having all sorts of firmware problems with BrickPi3. Turns out it may not be a firmware problem. It may be a hardware problem.

But apart from all that after 3 days of using the BrickPI3 and trying to get it to work, I have melted a battery pack (i,e, BrickPi connected to USB mouse, keyboard and webcam) powered by the battery pack - melted battery within 30 mins. Really melted it… battery case very hot to touch, softened and acid bubbled out and leaked onto my desk. I’ve lost a few layers of skin from my fingertips from the battery acid.

Since then the microUSB port for connection to mains power has become deformed, so the connection isn’t stable - I’ve got the mains cable taped to the back of the box trying to hold it in place.

This is really awful design.

That’s weird, you must be doing something majorly wrong, or the brickpi is defective. I’ve never had any issues like that, with both BrickPis. What batteries are you using? Also is your brickpi real? Perhaps it is a counterfeit.