BrinkPi Programming Support Request

I have an assembled Simple BrickPi, with a wifi dongle & color sensor attached to it.

But I’m truly NOT a programmer. I’m finding RaspberryPi related projects to be a bit harder than I hoped. I don’t have extra keyboards, monitors etc around our apartment and I’m hesitant to buy more tech-related clutter.

What I want is to be able to control the brickpi via an iphone 5s, and to be able to follow a line.
If possible I’d like to be able to access the code via my macbook.

Copied are a few pics of the robot.

Not sure how to proceed. Would be willing to pay if somebody could get me closer to the end.

Find me on Twitter @_paulweaver


Hey Paulweaver,

THis sounds like a fun project! We might be able to coach you a long with it. I think the first problem is to figure out how to get in touch with the Raspberry Pi. You don’t need to have a monitor or cable; if you’re using our image you should be able to SSH/VNC into it and see it as a desktop in your computer screen. Have you tried this?

We have some directions, with a Macbook, here: