Browser Streaming Robot connection url

I’m having trouble with the url of the gopigo. I thought it was connection error but tried again and turn out that it was something else. when I go to the browser and type in dex.local the web browser streaming robot screen doesn’t appear and have a cannot find the page. so I tried dex.local:98 doesn’t work either. tried the gopigo ip address just link me into the gopigo vnc / terminal view. Did the url change to enable browser streaming robot?

Hi @Nelvinnguyen123,

Just to confirm, are you running the and then trying to access the browser streaming robot screen with dex.local:98?

If that is the case, can you post a screenshot of what you see when you run


yes that is what I’m trying to do however when I tried dex.local:98 the browser streaming robot screen doesn’t appear on the browser. I did install the browser streaming robot sh and using a 2016 raspbian.

Hi @Nelvinnguyen123,

Can you post a screenshot of what error you get on your browser when you try dex.local:98. Also can you explain your setup with the GoPiGo, what all do you have connected when you try this.


I finally got access to the dex.local:98 on my tablet but not on my desktop. But now the error is something with the camera which is shown above as well as the camera is already active so any clues how to fix it?

Hi @Nelvinnguyen123,

Can you test out your camera a bit? It looks like the camera isn’t responding well. Try running the following command and see if your camera has taken a picture named test.jpg and saved it on your Desktop.

sudo raspistill -o /home/pi/Desktop/test.jpg

If it does this then your camera works good. If you are not able to get this, then you can refer to our video here and the Pi camera documentation to learn how to connect and have your camera working. This should fix your problem.

Please let us know if this helps,

Ah it works but the only problem now is the camera is upside down is there any way to turn it the other way?

Hi @Nelvinnguyen123,

Glad that it works for you, I guess that if you keep your camera correct, your ribbon cable connected to the camera is bending, am I right? If that’s the case, make sure it has less strain. To give us better idea of the situation, can you post a picture of your setup with the camera.


this is the setup I know I can just rotate the camera components over however I would like to edit the program to do the rotating is there any way?

What browser are you using? I know Firefox has issues with dex.local. maybe try putting in the IP address if your using Firefox? Dex.local for me works on chromium and chrome.

Im using my ipad safari as a browser for browser streaming robot which works but can’t get it to work for desktop using Microsoft edge

Can you describe a little more about the problem that you are facing with edge. What web address/IP were you using to connect to the browser streaming bot. Were the devices connected on the same IP. Did you try another browser like Chrome/Firefox on the windows machine.

With edge I cant seem to get into the browsing stream screen with the controls and the camera screen with the shut down button, it works on my ipad not on desktop. I already used the ip address of the gopigo and dex.local:98 didn’t work for desktop. I have yet tried chrome/firework which I would soon use.