Browser Streaming Robot Example Issue

I am trying to get the camera to work in the Browser Streaming Example

After executing sudo python ./
Starting web server…
200 GET /robot_control/info ( 3.40ms
200 GET /robot_control/info ( 2.25ms
200 GET /robot_control/info ( 2.25ms
Image encoder buffer num 3, buffer size 81920
Image encoder buffer num 3, buffer size 81920

When I open an explorer browser (http://raspberry.local) as in step 4 of the GoPiGo tutorial:

I get a window with box with an x (I believe this is when you do not get an image in explorer window), a single circle with a square pink dot and a shutdown button.

In the VNC/LXT terminal window, then I see
304 GET / ( 45.76ms
200 GET /robot_control/info ( 2.60ms

I am using the update Dexter image. I noticed there is
a shell script in /Desktop/GoPiGo/Software/Python/Examples/Browser Streaming Robot/
Do I need to run this first. Is is not mentioned in the setup tutorial in the GoPiGo web page.
If so can you give me some directions on how to run it.

Not sure why the explorer web page is not showing the image
as the server on the GoPiGo appears to be working.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

From the output, it seems that the camera isn’t putting an image up. It does seem like your system is serving up information properly though.

So have you gone back and tested the camera to make sure it can take pictures and works appropriately? Is the red light coming on the camera at all?


The camera red light is coming on. I am not sure if there is a security software/firewall protection issue. I get the image box with an X in the browser.
My PC is connected (wired) to the router/wifi on the same
wireless ssid (there is also another wireless ssid but I am
not using it for this example). I have also tried using a wireless connection of the same ssid (router) as the GOPIGO with the same results.
I believe the server is operational below is the server response when I open a MS Explorer browser window(raspberry.local):

i@raspberrypi ~/Desktop/GoPiGo/Software/Python/Examples/Browser Streaming Robot $ sudo ./
sockjs.tornado will use json module
/home/pi/Desktop/GoPiGo/Software/Python/Examples/Browser Streaming Robot/www
Starting web server…
200 GET / ( 47.29ms
200 GET /css/style.css ( 51.68ms
200 GET /css/modal.css ( 8.25ms
200 GET /js/jquery.joystick.js ( 11.39ms
200 GET /images/ajax-loader.gif ( 10.35ms
200 GET /js/sockjs-0.3.min.js ( 44.46ms
200 GET /js/jquery.js ( 197.44ms
200 GET /robot_control/info ( 2.89ms
Image encoder buffer num 3, buffer size 81920
Image encoder buffer num 3, buffer size 81920

I am using NiMh batteries so my voltage is around 9.89v from the program. Is the camera sensitive
to the voltage?
Is there a better way to test the camera on the raspberry pi? Any suggestions as to the network connections would be appreciated



It does look like the server is running on your Pi and it must be a network issue that is causing the problem. It would be great it you could try out the whole setup with another wifi network or just make a mobile hotspot and try out if that works for you. You should follow the steps here to test the camera:


I would also check out this: