Browser Streaming Robot Project

Does the Browser streaming robot project work with the 2016 update for Raspbian for Robots? Since there is an web application already on the default web server port 80, does the Browser Streaming Robot project need a different port number? I’ll dig deeper in the code, but looking for a little advice and if it’s been tested (I’m worried it’s an older project and not supported on the new version). Thanks!

PS - I know there’s another thread about the ‘Browser Streaming Robot’ project, but it’s not related to the Raspbian for Robots beta. Thus, that’s why I started a new thread. Thanks!

We have updated the code on the browser streaming bot so that it uses port 98 and does not have the conflict with the VNC on the browser. You can read about it in the Github readme too:


Thanks Karan! I am was looking at the instructions on the web, so I need to get in a habit of looking on GitHub for the most recent documents.

The streaming camera works, but the ‘joystick’ control doesn’t show up on an iPhone/Safari. It did work once on an Android phone with Chrome, but then disappeared. I’ve got it going enough to take it to a robotics presentation on Saturday and do a demo. Thanks again.

Sweet! Would love a video of this Darrell!