Browser Streaming Robot


Can someone tell me what files I need to have on SD card only for the Browser Streaming Robot ?
I don’t want the other projects on Raspberry, I only want this project so can you tell which files I can delete ?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Are you just trying to stream video from your browser or are you also trying to run your GoPiGo?

The both. I want to be able to control the gopigo from the joystick from web page and the live streaming to work.

You can probably most easily do this by linking your joystick with the standard GoPiGo controls. You might easily modify ( with your joystick.

The instructions on how to stream video are a little more complicated. We have the examples in this directory ( which are on /home/pi/Desktop/GoPiGo/Software/Python/Examples/Browswer_streaming_robot on the Rasppbian for Robots image. Have a look there.

You can run both of these programs at the same time, there should be no conflicts.

No, you don’t understand.
The joystick is the One you put it in the web page.
So, what I’m asking is: which Files I can delete from the folder with the examples because I only need the “Browser Streaming Robot” project on the Sd card.
I need one folder that has to contain only the project Browser Streaming Robot.
I don’t want to make another project , is the One you did it, but I need only that One, not all the project like basic_gopigo and others.

Ok, you didn’t explain that very well the first time. You want to use the joystick on the browser, fine. So it sounds like you have a very specific project in mind; I’m not sure if I can help any further. You can try deleting the different files to get the effect you want; just rename them, run the program, and then rename them back if it breaks it for your end purposes.

lukone21 - it sounds like you need to copy the ‘Browser Streaming Robot’ folder to the Desktop and rename it to something like ‘My Robot Project’

Then, if you really wanted to, you could delete the other GoPiGo projects folders from the Desktop. That would save a little bit of space on the SD card, but otherwise the different projects are independent files. Personally, I’d leave the other folders and files, especially the so you can test your GoPiGo and do the motor trim utility and so forth.

Hope this helps!