Buying GrovePi in Europe

I really need to purchase the GrovePi but the Seeed website doesnt have it in stock (they do now have the Grove Starter Kit). When will there be shipment of GrovePi units to Seeed or someone in Europe ?

I want to create a set of projects for schools using GrovePi + sensors but can’t do it without the equipment. Looking for 1 x GrovePi and 1 x Start Kit but it if all works then we will need at least 5 x GrovePi and 5 x Starter Kit if not more in the future.

Hey kwiatks!
The GrovePi is currently in stock in Europe with Generation Robots: Last checked, they have 14 units in stock! I think they also carry the standard Grove Starter kit, if you need the sensors.

We’ll have the GrovePi Starter kit up for sale by the end of the day on our website, and if you’re in the UK, we can ship to you.

It sounds like a really interesting project, can you tell us more about it?

Just a heads up the starter kit is now up on our website here:

It’s going to use Node-RED ( to gain access to the sensor data from the GrovePi and present it in an easy visual interface to school children aged 7 to 8 yrs old. If the GrovePi can write the sensor data to a serial stream then Node-RED can take it in and do anything with it

Hi kwiatks,
We have not tested the GrovePi with Node-RED.

We can help you make changes to the GrovePi firmware if you want it to send the data via Serial. If you are confidant that you can get it working with Node-RED please let us know.

We’ll help you with that.


I know for sure Node-RED can read any serial stream of data and has the power to interpret a steam if there are appropriate markers in the steam which signify the data blocks. When you say “send via Serial” do you mean the Pi will see a serial stream of data via one of the GPIO pins fromt the GrovePi of whatever sensor is connected ? Or something else ?
I see the GrovePi being a great addition to a school project I am developing where I want to get the data from the sensors to Scratch 1.4 and also to Node-RED. Very happy to work with you on this.

Hi kwiatks,
The GrovePi can be made to send a stream of data via serial which can be seen from the Serial Pins on the GPIO on the Raspberry Pi.

Right now the GrovePi recieves the commands via I2C. We don’t have a plan to make a library which supports Serial but we have another product coming which has a similar library in Serial. You might be interested in looking at the code and adapting that to help you with the Grove Pi.


I buy most of my grove gear from UnmannedTechShop here in the UK, seem to offer a decent service and they also sell the grovepi starter kit