C# documentation to use serial, I2C


I would like to use some sensors or modules from Grove with my raspberry pi 3 and Windows 10 IoT.
I looking for documentation to try to develop sensors libraries but I can’t find anything about using Serial for example.
Is there anything anywhere about that ?

Hello Steeve, are you using the GrovePi? Or are you just hoping to wire up some sensors to your Raspberry Pi?

Sorry, I forgot to mention I use them with a grovepi.
I would like to be able to add some sensors.
For the ones which use digital read or analog read it’s ok, I saw how you do it.
For I2C ones, I saw your examples too.
For Serial ones : no example.

In addition, on your seeed modules documentation, there is no mention about analog, digital, serial or I2C communication. For example : if you take a look to your simple RF transmitter receiver module : I don’t see any mention about how to communicate with. I think it’s Serial but it’s not really clear.

It would be cool to add some details in documentation to be able to adapt to anything that can use your sensors (for example, in the RF RX/TX, you use VirtualWire which is specific to arduino. I don’t have such a thing on windows 10 IoT).

By the way, I want to thanks Seeed who made such sensors (that I use with arduino too). They are very cool and very simple to use (for the simpliest of them :P).

Hey insomniak49,
I think you found a way to use the Serial port on Win10IOT in the other post. Can you post a link here to the example/guide which helped you. It might be helpful for the other users. Also I am not really sure if there is support with virtual wire for Win10IOT or the Pi in general.


Hi Karan,

I found a way to use the rpiserial port, not the serial port of your grovepi card. It’s not the same and by the way using rpiserial port isn’t dexter’s business (it’s like I would have connected the device directly to the raspberry without the grovepi card).
What I want to do is using Serial from grovepi (not rpiserial port, the other one).
I took a look at the github code and i think it’s not coded into the firmware…
Dexter should code all the ports into the firmware instead of waiting for someone to code it for them, it’s not really fair when you buy a product, thinking how you will use it and realize that half sensors and some ports are not coded :confused:

Hey insomniak49,
Till not we have not found a great use for the SERIAL port which is connected to the Atmega328. Most of the serial work tasks are handled very well by the Pi. Pleople have mostly been using the Serial port as a normal digital IO port. Is there anything specific that you are looking to do with the Serial port.


Hi Karan,
The interest of using Serialport from grove pi is to have a second serial port :wink:
If you have two different devices that communicates through serial, then you can use both of them on the same board.
I took a look at the firmware code and it should be that difficult to implement.

At the moment I don’t have time to improve firmware but I hope I will have it soon. Then I think I will code some additional features in the grove pi firmware.

Thanks Insomniak49, we can’t wait to see what you do with the firmware!