C# Library support for 433 MHz RF Transmitter/Receiver


Are there any plans to add support for the 433 MHz Simple RF Link kit in the C# Library?


Hello @Marco, we don’t have it on our development plans. HOWEVER, we would greatly appreciate a pull request. We have examples in Python and C++. I think @RobertLucian has some detailed issues on the pinning of the hardware of that sensor as well.

Hi John,

Thanks for the reply.

I can give a PR a try but I think I need some pointers for the direction. Maybe you or @RobertLucian can help with that?
I’ve been looking at both the C# library and the Python RF code.
In Python a Serial is opened to port /dev/ttyS0 (The UART port)
In C# the GrovePi class is using the .NET I2CDevice to do the communication. This I2CDevice is the actual GrovePi board?
I’m not sure how to tell that I2CDevice (The GrovePi board) to send or receive data to the UART port.
Should I declare some address just like for example the MiniMotorDriver?
Or should I use the SerialDevice just like this example? https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/iot/docs/pinmappingsrpi#a-namerpi2uartaserial-uart

My understanding is that the communication will go like this:
GrovePi SDK <=> Windows <=> I2CDevice (GrovePi Board) <=> SerialDevice (RF Link)

Thanks in advance for any help!


Hey @Marco, looks like you’re on the right track there with using the UART port. I’m not an expert in C#, but it looks like the example you show there, it’s going to be a great template, along with the example python program penned by @RobertLucian.

The Communication for the serial line will look like this:

Raspberry Pi <=> Level Converter Chip <=> SerialDevice (RF Link)

So you should be able to write your serial control code directly in C#, it should send data over the serial lines of the Pi, to the RF Link device.