C# sample for Collision sensor and 3-axis accelerometer

Hi ,
I did not found any C# package in the samples - https://github.com/DexterInd/GrovePi/tree/master/Software/CSharp/GrovePi/Sensors
for grove collision sensor and 3-axis accelerometer. Can you please help to redirect to the right location if already present? if not is there a plan to add it ?


Hey Deepa,
You can use https://github.com/DexterInd/GrovePi/tree/master/Software/CSharp/Samples/Example-Button for the collision sensor. It works in pretty much the same way. The C# library is under active development and we’ll add those examples asap.


Hi , yesterday i finished the update of my the frameware 1.3 and i could now read the value of the encoder but i have problem with my robos when i use the commande fwd() . the robot shfit at left and it dosen’t move straight ahead . it’s weird. Before i use the commande read enc-val(0) the robot works fine now isn’t .

If you like in the code exactly when i add the commande out value= enc_read(0) the probleme appear however if i cut it nothing’s wrong . need help plz


Hey Belkamel,
This question is in relation to the GoPiGo right, and not the GrovePi.