Cables to connect to gopigo


Where do i find to buy cables to connect the sensors to gopigo ?
I am interested to use all the gopigo ports. Also for distance sensor (with 4 pins)
what cable do i need to use, and where i find it?


These are called Grove sensors. We sell them on our website and each sensor comes with its own cable. You can see more on our shop here:

I would like to know how many distance sensors can be used?
I would like to be able to use 3 along with a compass

Hi @dabrace,

Well, technically you could use 3 distance sensors concurrently on a GoPiGo3 and just 1 on a GoPiGo2.

On the GoPiGo3 you’ll be able to use 3 sensors of this type on the following ports:

  • One on any of the 2 I2C ports.

  • One on the AD1 port.

  • One of the AD2 port.

If you’re on the GoPiGo, you’ll only be able to use the I2C port it comes with.

We are also releasing the documentation for our in-house built sensors really soon, so please stay tuned.

Thank you!