Camera & servo combination problem

There are images for attaching the Servo package, and images on how to attach the camera to the Servo, but these images don’t show the camera attached to the Pi. When I did it I couldn’t find a way for the servo to work with the camera attached because the ribbon is too short.

Is there a problem with the way I’ve done it? If so, can you show a picture with it completed.

Correct, i have it also like this =)

i also got the camera/servo combo and cannot get the ribbon cable attached b/c it’s too short.

i’m not sure what to do about this, it’s pretty disappointing. :-/

Any suggestions from the GoPiGo team? Are we going to need to purchase a longer cable? I’d really like to have the camera attached to the servo…


Hi Guys,
We are looking into this issue and will let you know as soon as we have something.

Till then there is an option to get the longer cables from Adafruit: .

Sorry for the troubles.


It might be a stretch to put the servo on the upper post like that with a standard cable. However, have you tried putting it on the base plate, one plate lower than the one you have mounted it to? It should reach the lower tier well.

From the picture, it looks like the cable might be shorter than the one we were using for some reason.

One quick idea: if you wanted to leave it on the top tier, could you invert the acrylic plate the camera is attached to, in relation to the servo?

Try this? it may work

Nice use of LEGO Minifigures!

This is a very real issue, and as a user who purchased a GoBox via kickstarter and paid for the GoPiGo + servo + camera module, getting parts that don’t actually work together is extremely disappointing. Clearly Dexter Ind. did not actually test this combination prior to shipping to backers.

I shouldn’t need to purchase a longer ribbon cable, Dexter Ind. should send out longer cables to all backers who purchased the combo.

Thank you.

Hey cezero.
The extra cable was just a suggestion for people who want to keep the camera at not the usual position on the top plate and want to keep it somewhere else on the GopiGo. If you have the servo package and the camera, you can follow the instructions here: and get the servo to work. This would require some cable twisting, but does work.

Can you try this out and let us know if it works. If it does not, can you upload some pictures of your GoPiGo setup. We’ll help you out figure the right way to connect the camera.