Can I Attach Two Servo Driven Sensors on the GoPiGo[SOLVED]


Am at the point where i am just about the make a purchase but not sure if the GoPiGo allows use of two servos. The kit comes with the Ultrasonic sensor and I was wondering if it was possible to connect up a Camera on a servo as well?

Or would you recommend the Ultrasonic Sensor on a static mount with the Camera on a servo…which is what i thought would be more sensible?

Also, is there any documentation/links available that talk about the sensors the dexter board can support?

Appreciate the input.


Hey Trevor,

You can be pretty flexible about how you connect sensors, there is only one connector on the GoPiGo for a servo though. You can mount the US sensor and the camera statically to your GoPiGo, whichever you prefer.

By “The sensors the dexter board can support” do you mean other Grove based sensors, or the sensors (like our line follower) that we developed?

Thanks Trevor! Best,


Hi John,

I just purchased the GoPiGo from AusPi. I added the Servo along with a Camera module + IR module.

I have a few questions -

  • Option 1 - Does the kit allow for mounting of the camera on top of the US i.e. assuming the US is on the servo?
  • Option 2 - Can i fit the US statically and the Camera on the Servo module since I’ve purchased both?

I am hoping i don’t need to purchase additional mounts since i’ve already placed the order with AusPi.


Here’s a pic of the camera next to the servo+US combination.
You could put the camera below the US sensor, covering the wires there. It will most likely work, if you can figure a way to get it to stay in place. I checked on mine and it is possible to use a small screw to have the camera next to the us sensor. Both would move together obviously.

You could also have the us sensor be static on the GoPiGo. I tried it and it fits best on the lower level of the body, and it points slightly downwards. Sugru would help you keep it straight up.

Thanks a ton. Much appreciated.