Can I run the gopigo with scratch without raspbian for robots?


Can I run the gopigo with scratch without raspbian for robots? I mean on a normal raspbian?
If yes, how to make the link between the gopigo and scratch?

Many thanks!

Disclaimer: I have no connection with Dexter Industries

I would ask why you want to set your robot up in such an “unsupported configuration”?

Dexter does a great job of supporting their GoPiGo robot over both DexterOS and Raspbian For Robots. They make it easy to use their robots and a wide range of sensors in a variety of languages.

The Scratch language is created to allow beginners to learn about coding, and Dexter provides a great Scratch environment on Raspian For Robots.

While they do not prevent you from installing the GoPiGo3 and Sensor software trees over a stock Raspbian image, there will be limitations that will only be discovered after an adventurous user has invested considerable time and study.

I know nothing about using Scratch with the GoPiGo. That said, if you have already installed the Dexter GoPiGo tree and the DI Sensors tree, I see two files with the comment

tools that allow a user to install Scratch support on a pure Raspbian (…

You may be successful by:

cd ~/Dexter/GoPiGo3/Software/Scratch

or perhaps just opening the …/Scratch/ file if you have installed your own Scratch.

Like I said, I have no clue and you are forging a path that Dexter allows but is not for the faint of heart (e.g. users that need hand holding.)

Good luck.

Hello @kostik

If you use this command:
curl -kL | bash
it will install all the relevant scratch connections for you.

The scratch version that is supported is the one found on the Pi, version 1.4
Version 2 is too slow, and version 3 isn’t open yet for outside hardware support.

I hope this answers your question,

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Another thought - one that I pursue - is using Dexter OS - at least as a start.

Admittedly, it’s much, MUCH simpler and less capable (stock, but I have an evil laugh!), but runs a version of Blocky - similar to Scratch - to program the robot. You can then graduate to Python for more advanced tasks, and thence to Cinch or RFR.

I have learned, through the bitter reaping of experience, to start as simple as possible. Right now my main development platform for the GPG is Dexter’s block-based coding. This allows me to throw together simple “scripts” that exercise a particular object, function, or idea - and then port it to something more complicated later once I get the basic flow worked out.

Since Dexter OS is a Raspbian re-spin of sorts, it’s definitely hack-able, though both Cleoqc and Robert may cringe at the thought.

Jim “JR”