Can I Uprade to Latest Dexter OS from Ver 1.0.1?

Hi - I’m a little behind on our GoPiGo. I have the initial Dexter OS on an SD Card. Can I upgrade directly from 1.0.1 to Ver 1.3.2 ? If I have to do the upgrade through past versions, where can I download those? Thanks! Gary


Yes the good news is that you can upgrade from 1.0.1 to 1.3.2. However there was an issue with that particular version that we didn’t catch in time. For the update to work you will have to run it twice before it will work again. I have seen some customers who needed to update three times although I cannot say if that was due to user error or if there’s an actual case where triple updates are required.

We have addressed the issue in later versions.


So just to clarify, do I need to run the updater twice or do I need to boot the OS twice? Would it be better if I updated to the version just before 1.3.2 instead? Is that an option?

Both! (now where is that meme?)

You need to run the updater then reboot. Run the updater again and reboot again.

Alas the bug that forces a double update is in 1.0.1 so it doesn’t matter which version you’re updating to.

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Ahhhh. Now I gotcha!