Can I use 2 digital light sensors on 1 GrovePi board?


I have Raspberry Pi with a Grove Pi and want to use more than one digital light sensor. Looking through the file, I don’t see where i2c port 1,2 or 3 is addressed. The sensor works on any of the i2c ports. If I populate more than one port with light sensors, the Lux value returned is 0 compared to higher values when using only one port. Is it possible to use more than on digital light sensor on a single Grove Pi. If so how do I do it?

I just figured out that the TSL2561 chip on the digital light sensor has a configurable address. By tying pin 2 (ADDR_SEL) to gnd, vcc or float you get address 0x29, 0x39 or 0x49 respectively. Unfortunately the sensor comes with this pin hardwired to gnd. If the pin was floating it wouldn’t be impossible to jumper it high or low and have the option of using 3 digital light sensors on one Grove Pi. Is there any way around this?

Hi @Enzo,

Yes you are right, it looks like the Digital light sensor from Seeed-Studio doesn’t have the provision to change its address. If you wish to use multiple Digital Light Sensor on a GrovePi Board, you can get this sensor, but this would require you to customise your cable and solder the jumpers to get it connected to GrovePi. This Sensor provides support to multiple addresses.

Please let us know if this helps,

HI Shoban, Thanks for your reply and confirmation. I will look into your recommendation and feedback results.