Can we use unused pins of pi board connected with gopigo

Hi ,

Can we use unused pins of pi board connected with gopigo.
and use with gopigo library planning to add ir sensor and control together with gopigo.

import RPi.GPIO as GPIO  
import easygopigo3 as easy


Yes you can.

And to save you of some trouble, we already support the IR receiver (sort of, you have to either write a class for it or just do it procedurally) directly on the GoPiGo3. Go on and read the entire description for the constructor of the Sensor class here:

Thank you!

like adding tcrt5000 external to the unused pins

As long as what you want to connect is compatible with the Raspberry Pi (in regards to the operating voltage and protocols used on the ports) and can be fitted on any another unused port, then yes, you can.

thanks !!
can i connect tcrt5000 to gpg3 digital pin ? with that i will be able to use the gpg3 lib
seen a link where the HC-SR04 connected to digital

ICRT5000 is just the optical sensor. You’d need to look after a board that has at its center this sensor and then check that board’s interface. I really can’t say anything until I’m shown an actual board that has this sensor on it.