Cannot connect to GoPiGo

I had otten the GoPiGo to work. I connected it to WiFi, made it turn, go backwards, forwards and stop. I did this by connecting from my MacBook Pro and running sample programs.

Then I wrote my own program on the lines of

from gopigo import *

The robot did not do anything. Then the VNC Viewer reported that it was not responding. So I had to power off. This corrupted the SD card. So I started with the downloaded image and got the robot to boot up again. This time the keyboard stopped working. The mouse works intermittently and I cannot connect to WiFi using keyboard and mouse by entering the password.

When I run ssh pi@raspberrypi.local with my MacBook Pro connected to the Raspberry Pi using an ethernet cable, I get the message “ssh: Could not resolve hostname raspberrypi.local: nodename nor servname provided, or not known”.

I’m stuck now. Is there any diagnostic software I can run to see what’s going on?


I do see the Dexter Industries operating system screen on my monitor. The mouse moves intermittently and so I’m not able to use it. I can connect the mouse to my laptop and get it to work.

How are you powering everything? (If they are batteries, what voltage are they on).

As a safe step, can you disconnect the GoPiGo, just connect the RaspberryPi with the computer via an Ethernet cable and power everything with a good 5V source with a MicroUSB cable and see if that helps.


Thanks. That seems to be working after I powered it with a power source that came with the raspberry pi. I disconnected the GoPiGo.

The problems must be with weak or old batteries that you were using with the GoPiGo. You should use good AA batteries and have the voltage of the battery pack 9V or above for the GoPiGo and the Pi to work properly.