Cannot get started with node.js sample

I have a newly installed pi3 with node.js 9.9.0 and npm 5.6.0. I created a groove directory and installed the node-grovepi package using:
npm install node-grovepi

I also ran the quick install command:
curl -kL | bash

It seems to all be installed correctly, but I don’t quite get it working. When trying the analog light for instance, I keep getting the same value (~20.0), but it makes no difference if I cover the sensor or hold it up to the light. If I put the sensor on a different port I get different readings (~0.01). So it seems like it can read the sensor but are not getting the right values.

If I try the leds nothing happends, not even an error…

var led = new GrovePi.sensors.DigitalOutput(2);
board = new GrovePi.board({...}); 

Appreciate any help :wink:

I believe this conversation is being handled on Github, is that right?