Cannot read NTX sensors using new image


I have set up the brickpi according to the quickstart guide on your website.

I have used the Dutch langauge so my son can also work with it.

Now the motor example works, motors work, the ultrasonic sensor works, but the on/off switch does not work.

I have attached a screenshot, my question:

How can I set the blue sensor value box (in Dutch “waarde van sensor”) in your example it is called S1, but as you can see if I clcik on the drop down combobox it only says (“schuif”,Licht,Geluid, …) all nicely translated into Dutch but not S2, S1 etc …

to be precise the Touch sensor does not work anymore.

So my suspicion is that there is a mappping from scratch to the word “TOUCH” in the second scratch block(see ss)

can anyone confirm this?

Can I change it to allign with the Dutch translations?

If I change the work TOUCH the listener to the brickpi crashes…