Cannot read value from Round Force Sensor FSR402


I wanted to read data from Round Force Sensor FSR402. Unfortunately on Grove wikipage there’s no sample code for Raspberry Pi & GrovePi+ but I found other analog sensor as a reference: Grove Gas Sensor MQ2. At the end of the day I created code like this:

import grovepi

sensor = 0
grovepi.pinMode(sensor, "INPUT")
value = grovepi.analogRead(0)

The output of this code is:

Probably analogRead is wating for a data and cannot get them. I plugged sensor into the A0 port. Could you please help me to figure this out?

Disclaimer: I am not DI and do not own a GrovePi

Perhaps compare to this sample (it looks like 14 for A0 rather than 0?).

Thanks for the link you provided. Unfortunately I can’t test this solution now because I burned my Raspberry week ago. I found a link on the web which confirms your theory -

On an Arduino Uno (same ATmega328 chip) the digital pins are marked as D0-D13 and analog pins A0-A5 .
The analog pins are actually aliases for digital channels.
A0 = D14
A1 = D15
A2 = D16
A3 = D17
A4 = D18
A5 = D19

From the other hand in the “official documentation” for Grove Eagleye 530s ( which is analog sensor you can find this code:

# Connect the Grove Rotary Angle Sensor to analog port A0
potentiometer = 0

# Connect the LED to digital port D5
led = 5


For sure without raspberry pi we cannot check those theories :slight_smile:

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Are you absolutely sure it is fried? There is a “self healing” thermal fuse somewhere in the power circuitry - I have heard of resurrected Raspberries :nerd_face: