Cannot run bloxter program

I have problem. I managed to build, run and program our newly purchased gopigo3 (OS 1.1.1) bought in March 2018. I am from France. I just bought some more items to go further with my young daughter and had it sleep for some days in the meantime.
Before I implement my new items, I made a try on what is existing. I can still connect to Gopigo on wifi (light blue), I can have it go back and forth with manual actions form my laptop. But When I run any programm, it shows “working” on my laptop but Gopigo stays still. Can you help me with this?

First I don’t remember (or understand) whether the USB shall be plugged into the Gopigo at any time. I have put it but nothing better.

I am puzzled and lost. Can you help me with this?

When I insert the USB key on my laptop, and try to go through it with “file manager”, it shows no file. Anything wrong here? Is it possible to do direct actions from my laptop if the USB key connected on the gopigo is wrong? could this explain? How can I then load the right version of the OS on the USB key?

Thank you for your kind assistance.

Hi @jbbernard,

So, when making a program in Bloxter, you have got the option of saving it to your USB drive - that’s if it’s plugged into the Raspberry Pi.

If you save a program to the USB drive and you then take the USB drive and plug it into your laptop, you’ll see a file with the blox extension: that’s your program. Now, I think you’re telling me that you’re not seeing anything on the flash drive, which shouldn’t be this way if you actually saved that program to the USB drive.

Also, on that particular version of DexterOS, you have to plug in the USB drive before booting the Pi up, or otherwise it won’t work.

Regarding the USB, you need to make sure your USB drive has been formatted as a FAT32 partition.

And last, can you show us the program you’re trying to run but doesn’t make the GoPiGo move even though you pressed the Run button?

Thank you!