Cannot Shutdown / reboot from computer[SOLVED]

I’m trying to do the initial wifi setup for my gopigo. I’m able to connect by the ethernet cord, set up the wifi, connect, and am able to ping dex.local and The next step, according to the instructions, is to reboot or shut down and disconnect the ethernet cord, then turn the gopigo on again, and it should be connected to the wifi.

I think my gopigo is not shutting down properly. I give it the shutdown command, put in the password “robots1234” after which the in browser interface shuts down and logs off. Then I disconnect the ethernet cord. The problem is, after waiting a few minutes, the gopigo lights still stay on, and it doesn’t shut down. I can manually shut it down after that, but then with the ethernet disconnected, I cannot connect to the gopigo through wifi. I’m not sure what the problem is…

Everything is normal. The gopigo is recieving power even after you raspberry pi is shutoff. Look at the red and green light on your pi. The red light means you have power, the blinking green light means your pi is powered on. So once the green light on the raspberry pi stops blinking your pi is completely off.

Make sense?

Thanks!!! It’s working now!

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