Cannot start up gopigo

Hi - my daughter built her gopigo with a raspberry pi at christmas time and downloaded the dexterOS software; couldn’t get it to start up the wifi - we recently purchased a dexter mini wifi dongle to replace the raspberry pi wifi dongle in the hope it would work. However when I start the gopigo it seems to boot up the raspberry pi, but the dexter board power light stays red; there is no wifi connection for me to link to. The light inside the mini-dongle twinkles green, but the green wifi light on the dexter board switches off after a few seconds. I cannot see any way to diagnose what’s happening. Welcome any suggestions about how to connect to and debug her go-pi-go. We are trying to connect from my MacBook Air which has USB-C ports only. thanks so much, Myles

Hello @mylesogilvie

Is the GoPiGo running DexterOS 2.2.2 ?
If not, please follow the instructions here to get the latest version.

Some GoPiGos had issues with the first boot with previous versions of DexterOS. We apologize for the inconvenience.