Can't connect GoPiGo3 and raspberry pi 3 to ps3 controller

i have downloaded the file along with the example. i am still confused as to why it is not working. i also can not find the sixpair download on GitHub if that is required for GoPiGo3 and raspberry pi3. Are there any updated files or downloads?

Hi @josephdurrell,

The last time I played with the PS3 controller on the Pi 3, I could not longer get it to work. Seems like there had been an update on the kernel that renders PS3 controller unuseable.

Also, the PS3 controller is supposed to be used with the GoPiGo2 and not GoPiGo3. The project on this PS3 controller and GoPiGo can be found here:

If you succeed in making it work on a more recent kernel version, then that’s even better and maybe you can let us know about it too. Bear in mind that the last time I tried something with it was more than half a year ago.

Thank you!