Can't connect to GoPiGo only with batteries


I’m newbie with GoPiGo. I followed all the instructions to connect and start GoPiGo.
I tried to run one of the scratch examples with the power supply wall and batteries connected and gone fine, but you know with the cable of the power supply wall you can’t play so much, so I decided to unplug the power supply wall. When I unplug power supply wall and I let only batteries… I can’t connect with GoPiGo (with VNC). At this moment the computer is unable to connect with GoPiGo (ping dex.local don’t responds, etc…).

What to do?


Hey Marc,

Best bet is that the batteries aren’t either fully charged or are too weak. Is there a way you can replace the batteries and give it a shot?

When you run on batteries, what lights are on? Are the PWR, ACT, Ethernet lights turning on?

Hey March,
Do the batteries have enough power left. Are these fresh batteries, do you have a multi-meter to check the voltage of the battery pack.