Can't connect to GoPiGo with DexterOS with a powerbank

Hey there
This morning i was working with my GoPiGo without any troubles. Later in the day I just couldn’t connect to it over wifi anymore. So I tried new batteries which wasn’t the issue. When I wanted to connect it with the ethernet cable the light just didn’t blink. What happend? Can somebody help me?
Thanks a lot

Hello @maurus.castelmur,
let’s see if we can find out what happened so we can fix it.
My best guess for now is that the SD card might have gotten corrupted. Which OS are you using? Raspbian for Robots, DexterOS or plain Raspbian?
Also, you talk about morning and afternoon, What happened in between? Did you power the GoPiGo off? If so, how?


Hey @cleoqc
I 'm using DexterOS. In between I turned the GoPiGo off as usual. I shut down the Programm and then unpluged the cable. I’m useing a powerbank.
thanks for helping

Hi @maurus.castelmur,

I think it’s the powerbank's fault.

I think it might have corrupted the micro SD Card when the powerbank's voltage went down during the booting procedures. I also had this issue, so I’m pretty sure you have the same situation.

Here’s what I suggest you do:

  1. Reflash the micro SD Card with DexterOS.

  2. Plug in the micro SD Card into the Raspberry Pi.

  3. Power up your Raspberry Pi from a dedicated power supply. Even a laptop’s USB is enough for powering it up (I’d go with USB 3.0 though, as it can give more current than USB 2.0).

Please tell us if this makes your GoPiGo work with DexterOS.

Thank you!

Hi @RobertLucian
I just did that and I didn’t have any trouble reflashing the sd card and the lights are actually on. But my computer still can’t find the RasPi. I still have it connected with the Ethernet cable.
Thanks for the helping hand

With DexterOS, you don’t need the Ethernet cable. In fact, it is not supported.
What you do need is to connect to the Wifi network that the Raspberry Pi puts in place. It’s called GoPiGo. So you have to switch from your home network to that one.