Can't connect to PC

hey guys,
i just asembled my gopigo using the raspberry pi b+ and the dexterindustries microSD. now i’m trying to connect it to my computer via putty but when i type in “raspberrypi.local” and open it i just get the message “unable to open connection to raspberry.local - host does not exist”. i did everything as it was described here: but it doesn’t work. i got bonjour installed, the ethernet cable is working, all LED’s are on but i get no connection. please help as good as you can.

Hi Goki,

Three quick questions:
1). Do you have LED’s blinking on the ethernet port of the Raspberry PI? Are these lit and blinking?
2). Do you have a wifi dongle in the Raspberry Pi?
3). Can you on the command line “ping raspberrypi.local” and see a response?



the LED’s on the ethernet port of the raspberry arent’t blinking. they are lit but they don’t blink. i also have a wifi dongle but i don’t get a response when tiping in “ping raspberrypi.local”.

The LED’s: crucial that we’re talking about the ones that are on the ethernet port. If they’re solid, that’s fine, but they generally blink every once in a while.

I would remove the wifi dongle, and turn off any wireless connections to your PC. They try pinging. You might need to restart the Pi.

it doesn’t work either. so i got the two LED’s on the ethernet port of the raspberry pi and the green one is blinking every once a while and the orange one isn’t blinking. i removed the wifi dongle, disconnected the computer to my home wifi and tried it again but there’s the same error.

Do you have an HDMI monitor to make sure the SD Card is booting and not corrupted?

so now i connected the raspberry to a monitor and it works but i just don’t know where the problem with the ethernet connection is…

Great, so I am guessing you mean that it shows up, boots to the desktop when you connect the HDMI monitor. Fantastic.

I wonder if there’s a firewall issue blocking your setup? Is it possible to try another computer on the same network where you can ping the raspberrypi.local? Or can you try to disable your firewall?

i tried it now without firewall AND on another computer but it still doesn’t work. it only works if i use the raspberry on a monitor but not with another pc. but i need to connect it with another pc to programm it via wifi, correct?

Hi Goki,

Yes, it sounds like the Pi and the image are working correctly. I’ve asked all our usual tricks about how to connect and there has to be something different or unique about your situation. Is there anything different about how you have your pc or your home network setup?

On your PC< when you connect it directly over ethernet to the pc, do you have DHCP turned on in your ethernet settings?

I’m running out of ideas here. Ideally you setup your Pi to get on wifi using ethernet, and once it logs on, you should be able to connect to it over the wifi network.


my pc and my network aren’t different then others and my dhcp is on. the only difference is that my pc is connected to the internet via wireless local area network card. can THIS be the failure? because my cousin said that maybe i first have to install some drivers for my ethernet input.

You might need some drivers for your ethernet card, have you used it for anything else?

So, how about this method: can you plug your raspberry pi into the router on your wifi network with the ethernet cable, connect your computer to the wifi network over wifi, and try to ping the the raspberry pi?