Can't connect to robot or

I just finished building my robot and cannot connect to it or using It won’t connect over the I receive the message that I am not connect to the internet when on the gopigo wifi and when I go back to internet I am not connected to the robot… I am on a Mac OS. How do I solve the issue?

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Welcome @woolf.logan.h to the GoPiGo forum and congratulations on successfully building and connecting to your new bot.

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I also use a Mac with my robot, BUT I am guessing that because my Mac has an Ethernet cable to my router, it can use the WiFi to connect to a DexterOS robot without disconnecting from the Internet (router).

If you cannot also connect your Mac to your router via a cable for simultaneous router and bot connection via your WiFi, there is one other configuration that you might want to use. There are two main operating systems from Dexter Industries for the GoPiGo - DexterOS and Raspbian For Robots.

DexterOS, (that you have installed currently), runs as an “access point” (WiFi Server) so it does not need to be configured to connect to your home router and your computer can connect to the robot as a WiFi client. DexterOS has the Bloxter programming environment and a Python Programming environment.

Raspbian for Robots runs as a WiFi client to your existing WiFi router, so it can be reached from any device connected to your router (either by cable or WiFi). Raspbian For Robots does not have the Bloxter programming environment but can be programmed in Python, Java, C++, … and offers both remote command line or the full Raspbian desktop environment.

My robot runs Raspbian For Robots normally, and I program in Python. Just this week, I booted up once on DexterOS to see what Bloxter was all about.


When you have your Mac connected to the GoPiGo WiFi, and open a browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.), does entering just bring up this screen?

(not - I don’t believe DexterOS offers HTTPS, only HTTP)

One other thought:

Can you still connect to the live Internet when connecting to the 'bot?  Did you make a specific WiFi connection to the 'bot itself?

The GoPiGo creates a dedicated WiFi hotspot that connects to only the robot  and nothing else.  If you’re simply trying to use your regular internet connection to connect to the 'bot, that won’t work.