Can't connect with PuTTy & SSH to GrovePi

I would like to connect my PC using PuTTy & SSH to my GrovePi
When I attempt to connect I get a timeout.
I’ve used hostname -I to get the IP address and this is usually all I need with Rasbian.

I’ve spent hours now reading forum posts - some suspicion that I need to connect via browser only? - have tried dex.local and installing Bonjour and nothing works :frowning:

My GrovePi appears to be working fine. I’ve run python scripts directly from the Pi and sensors are reporting correcting, LEDs are flashing…

But now I’m trying to connect with SSH via PuTTY I’ve hit a wall.

Please help

What operating system are you using? Plain Raspbian or Raspbian for Robots?

If you can get to you pi through the browser, can you access the terminal there? If you can get to the terminal, run sudo raspi-config, select Interfacing Options and enable SSH.


Not Raspiban, no. I’ve updated to GrovePi, I see the Dexter Industries desktop.
SSH is enabled and it doesn’t work.
I read somewhere that I can’t use SSH to connect if I’m running GrovePi - can that be true? Seems like it shouldn’t be.

Hi @robert,

Things look like this: you can connect to the Pi through SSH or by VNCing into it just fine regardless of any board you have connected to the Raspberry Pi. In order to do that you need to follow these steps:

  1. Burn a R4R image and follow this link:

  2. Install Bonjour on your laptop.

  3. Connect the Raspberry Pi and your laptop with an Ethernet cable.

  4. Boot up the Pi and then SSH into it or access it at dex.local in the browser.

I’m suspecting you’re not running the right image and thus you have this problem. Can you maybe try and make sure you have a Raspbian For Robots image? Also we don’t know how you’re connecting the Pi to your laptop/computer, so this can also be another possible cause.

Thank you!

I have followed that link before and burned the SD card correctly. I get the Dexter Industries desktop so that means that’s ok, right?

I can’t connect with Ethernet because I don’t have the port on my laptop. I can only connect with WiFi. But the laptop and Pi are on the same network. I shouldn’t need Bonjour because in PuTTy I’m typing the actual IP address which I’ve got from hostname -I on the Pi.

Usually I can connect ok this way but since I’ve installed the R4R I can’t.

Apologies. The issue was on my end.
My laptop wifi was switching to another network :frowning:
Sorry to waste everyone’s time here. There’s so much conflicting info out there I stopped thinking about the most likely, simplest answer

Hi @robert,

No problem. It happens to everyone. And it’s in the simple things that you’ll find the truth - both for life and for day to day things :smiley: