Can't detect any module

Hi, I am trying to do my first project with a raspberry but i have a problem : my grove pi+ doesn’t detect my modules (GPS and finger-clip heart rate sensor).
When i plug them the light is on. But when i try to run the script python i get nothing for the gps and a loop of “error” for the sensor.
When i try the command “i2cdetect -y 1” i see that none of modules are detected.

Then i tried to use the “test and troubleshoot” script but it freeze when checking firmware version.I join the log file here :
log.txt (6.5 KB)

I think the problem is that I2C and SPI are in blacklist but i have already update the conf files and that did nothing…

I am using a raspberry 3B+. I am new with this , so sorry if i forgot to add some informations, tell me if i can tell you more.

Thanks for your help !