Can't drive the gopigo

Can’t get gopigo to drive. Green power button never stops flashing. However I can connect it through my laptop. The camera even displays on my laptop. No responses to any driving commands.

Help please.



Check battery is charged fully. Low or no battery = no driving


If you know to run a python program - create or run in Jupyter:

#  - run:  python3
# Create an EasyGoPiGo3 object, then use the volt() method to check battery voltage

import easygopigo3

egpg = easygopigo3.EasyGoPiGo3()

print("Battery:", egpg.volt()+0.8 )

If you are using Blockly, you can do the same - I don’t have Blockly running right now to try it.

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Flashing green LED means startup/shutdown/GoPiGo software not installed.

You need to tell us what pi you’re using, what OS, and if not the official GoPiGo OS v 3.1, (3.1.1?), what you’re using. If you’re not using the GoPiGo3 OS, did you “curl” down the GoPiGo software and libraries?

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We also need to know what version of the GoPiGo you are using, along with the version of your Pi, as well as the software/OS and version.

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Turns out my issues resulted from connecting the motors into the wrong ports. I had them switched.


Ooh! That’ll do it. . .

You are now a card-carrying member of the Dexter Industries Robotics Society. :wink:

My favorite?
“It works MUCH better with power!”  (And a SD card installed. :man_facepalming:)