Can't find how to attach the distance sensor and camera on white mount with the servo

Lot of info on the old [servo] variant but little on the new. Where can I find out how to attach the newer GoPiGo3 sensors [distance, ultrasonic, camera] on [the white mount] with the servo?

Update: Apologies for the very poor wording but I am new to GoPiGo. I tried to edit the above [more text in brackets] - wish there was strike-out formatting!

So, what I am really focused on is attachment of the Distance Sensor and Pi Camera to the servo.

The old servo mount was acrylic and is officially documented here Assemble the GoPiGo3 Servo Kit for the GoPiGo3 Raspberry Pi Robot and here Servo Package for the GoPiGo - Dexter Industries

I was seeking official documentation for how to use the new white plastic servo mount with those items. Just today, I found some (only?) official documentation in the Blog section A New Servo Mount - Dexter Industries GoPiGo Servo Mount Assembly

Specifically, documentation of how to mount the combo (Pi Camera on top of distance sensor on top of servo) is given there.

Can a link to this page be placed on the order page for the servo?


Hello Este,

I’m not sure I follow. There has been no changes to the sensor mounts. Could you share some photos? It would help me understand.

thank you.


This is the IR distance sensor on the servo, and an ultrasonic sensor just taped to the servo for one of my bots:

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The old [servo] mount was made of acrylic - official info is easy to find. E.g. Assemble the GoPiGo3 Servo Kit for the GoPiGo3 Raspberry Pi Robot

Finding official documentation on how to use the new [servo] mount (white plastic) is hard to find. It would be great if there were “how to install links” at the order page for each item.

Having so many web pages, both old and new makes this a challenge too! There are even two different order pages and GoPiGo – Modular Robotics to add to the confusion.


Great picture - seems similar to what I found in the Blog section (see link in the Update for my original post). Thanks for sharing!


That is really cool - great find - I only have blue mounts - might work though. I didn’t think of putting it on the servo horn - that is cool.


BTW, I love Carl and Dave!



There are pan-and-tilt mounts available from 3rd parties too that make use of both servo outputs.

This is the hapless Charlie showing his pan-and-tilt, along with his front bumper that I made from a cheap barbeque, (shashlik), skewer a resistor, and a couple of normally closed push buttons to help protect him from inadvertent face-plants into chairs and walls.

I bought 3 - 4 skewers for about 14₽ each, (about 10 cents US per skewer), to make the bumper.

A rear bumper is planned, but hasn’t been done yet.


Very nice - thanks for sharing! What have you used or do you recommend regarding 3rd party pan & tilt units?


One I bought


The one I use was purchased several years ago from “Amperkot” here in Moscow. (I think).

I am going to be ordering another for Charline soon so I will know then who has them and what it costs.

In my case I mounted both the Raspberry Pi camera, (using an extra-long ribbon cable), and the distance sensor to the pan-and-tilt.

Once I get Charlie back out, I will take pictures of how it’s arranged.

One thing I do remember is that I have the horizontal pivot axis connected to the first servo output and the vertical pivot axis connected to the second servo.

Servo’s require calibration because of the way the gear is pressed onto the servo and the position of the teeth on the gear, 90° isn’t always exactly centered.

What I do is, while the servo is being installed, I set both servos to “centered” or “90°” and adjust them mechanically as close as possible. I them add/subtract a small offset to make it square in both directions.