Can't log in by wifi

So I have read several similar problems and tried their solutions to no avail. I am able to get my GoBot connected through LAN and am able to ping the, but once I turn the bot of and unplug the cable I am unable to ping the bot by dex.local. I followed the instructions at and changed the IP up 1 number, down 1 number and up 2 numbers, but when I try to ping it all I get is that the original IP telling me “Destination host unreachable.” I am able to ping the original IP with no problems. Also every time I put my SD card into my laptop it tells me there is a problem with the card and to scan it, there might be problems on this disk or device.

I am using windows.
I have 2015.11.09 and have not tried to do re-image.
I do have a HDMI monitor
I have tried with just battery as well as with the wall charger.
I have switched the WiFi dongle to multiple USB slots and cycled the router and WiFi on computer and restarted the computer.

Thank you

Hey Bam, I’m not sure what’s going on. What number, specifically, are you setting the static IP number to?

The directions we have in that video are for a static IP on ethernet. If you’re switching to wifi, depending on your networking conditions, you might need to change the static IP to a wifi IP address. Which is why I’m curious about the IP number you’re trying to ping on the wifi network.

the IP address was as the original and then I tried with .60 and .61 as the variants.

What is the course of action you would suggest for the problem of being able to do everything while on LAN but unable to ping it using dex.local once I try WiFi?

Bam, got it. I wonder if, since the dex.local address isn’t showing up, we need to change the static IP address to something with the wifi network credentials.

Most wifi networks have an IP address that starts with 192.168.x.x. So, is it possible to find your wifi ip address of your computer (it would be in the same place you found the ethernet address), add two to the last number on that Wifi address, and set the static address to the new wifi address? Does that let you ping the new wifi address of the Pi?

Also, just taking a step back: is there any special firewall running on your computer, or VPN, or anything else you can think of that might be affecting the network?

Sorry for the late reply, I have tried the 192.168.xxxxx with plus 2 to no avail. Pinging the specific ip address comes back destination host unreachable and pinging dex.local comes back timed out. I do not currently have a VPN nor a firewall running besides the windows 10 default firewall.

Brief review of what I have tried. I have used two different laptops using windows 10 and windows 7. uninstalled and reinstalled bonjur and tried to go plus two to both wireless IP’s. I am able to use the LAN to connect to the WIFI router and can successfully ping through both. But am still unable to ping it through wifi. Neither computer had a VPN or firewall running.

Hey Bam,
Were you able to log into the Pi the first time and did you load the wifi credentials on the Pi when you were on the LAN. Can you check on your router if the Pi shows up on the list of connected clients.


If you don’t know how to log onto your router, can you give Angry IP Scanner a shot? Just to see if you can actually “see” the Pi on the network?